If you’re willing to pay for all the entertainment they bring, they’re worth the price. Still, they can be stubborn at times and require consistent positive training. They’re difficult to obtain outside their home country of Russia, which may explain why they cost to much money. A well-bred Akita registered with the AKC should run you around $1650. Whether you’re actually planning to pick up one of these dogs that costs a pretty penny or just interested in the information, here are the world’s most expensive dog breeds. They’ll set you back about $2000 per puppy. Fun fact: his all time favorite breed is the German Shepherd. The Akita dog has long been the prized dog breed of Japan. Petgo Pet Mobile, Bellevue, WA has a spa package of bath, brush, fluff dry, ear cleaning, anal glands expression, and nails clipped for $40-$55 for a dog under 20lb. It’s possible to find these dogs for less than $1,500, but buying from a reputable breeder is highly recommended for dogs that require extra attention during pregnancy. The Toller is a dog breed you don’t see every day. Expect these dogs to cost you around $1,700 per puppy. French Bulldogs have quietly become one of, if not the, most popular small dog in America. This amazing characteristic alone is a great argument for the Basset Hound’s steep price tag. These Arctic working dogs are some of the world’s best sled dogs because of their great stamina and work ethic. How to Stop Your Cats from Scratching Furniture. The price of German Shepherds can range quite a bit, with the high end lineage dogs costing upwards of $5000. Meet all purebred and cross breed dog breeds by alphabetical order. With that said, cost will depend on the reputation of the breeder and the puppy’s pedigree. Here you can find all dog breeds with pictures,descriptions and also other vital information concerning the raising and grooming of each breed. In fact, some are willing to pay in the thousands for certain types of dogs, even breeds that are fairly easy to obtain. Is the German Shepherd a Good Family Dog? Because of the incurred expenses of breeding the Cavalier King Charles, it is rare to find any bargains on these dogs. In terms of price, the Olde English Bulldogge has the greatest cost variance. In fact, they rank at the top of the list for the least intelligent dog breeds. There is a good reason. The Miniature Bull Terrier was a breed that I didn’t expect to crack the most expensive dogs list. How To Make Your Pet Feel Special With Custom Portraits, Everything That You Need to Know About How to Keep Betta Fish Tank Clean. A Golden Retriever Price In India would range somewhere somewhere between 15000-20,000, but in some cases, it might cost more. However, their height isn’t the only that’s “high,” but their price too. You may need to do a little research to know if your dog’s characteristics will blend with the kind of family […], Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and their unique personalities make finding the right one both challenging and rewarding. Any breeder selling you an Akita for under $500 should not be purchased at the risk of potential long term health risks. Includes personality, history, dog pictures, dog health info, and more. Due to scarcity, price for these prized dogs have sky-rocketed and can fetch well over $10,000 USD per dog. How Fast Can A Dog Run? They were developed to track and hunt down the most dangerous game. Kicking off our list is the St. Bernard, a breed of working dog from the western Alps in Italy and Switzerland. They were known in Germany as the Rottweil butcher’s dogs and were meant to guar… For that reason alone, the $2,100 average price seems reasonable. In fact, they’re the ultimate personification of the cliche phrase, “big dog in small package.” But these British dogs don’t come cheap, as they shouldn’t. With a powerful core, huge size and a strong will, there are few things this dog can’t do. However, they come with a hefty price tag, as all great dogs do. Lowchens do not cost that much. However, this shows just how much respect the Japanese have for this dog breed. In 2016 before the Putin-Abe summit, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gifted Russian President Vladimir Putin a male puppy Akita to pair with his current female Akita, named Yume. Read More. Named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico, this is the smallest dog breed in the world and their selling price is also very less, say about $650. Complete dog breeds A-Z list with info & facts. In fact, their noses have 220 million scent receptors. Get 1-on-1 Help for Your Dog! Christmas CUTOFF for Clothing Orders: 12/10/2020 With the significant demand, you should expect to pay around $2250 for a puppy. Sometimes it is simply called “gross.” It is one of the smartest and artistic breeds of a dog. Bred to be the dog fighting champion of Japan, the Tosa Inu is a huge and fearless mastiff. Like with the best, Azawakhs will cost you quite a bit. Along with the Greenland Dog, the Canadian Eskimo was brought from Siberia to North America over 1000 years ago. Prices based on the dog’s gender. Thanks so much for this great content some breed I have never seen. Kerry Blue Terriers are highly adaptable dogs with a family-oriented personality. Includes personality, history, health, nutrition, grooming, pictures, videos and AKC breed standard. But does it warrant such a high price? Putin eventually declined the offer with concerns about how the new puppy would get along with Yume. Though they’re borderline medium-sized dogs, they possess a ton of strength. All Dog price list. The Rottweiler is regarded as one of the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the United States (currently sitting at number 8). Though they don’t fight anymore, they can still retain the aggressive nature of their ancestors. The Lakeland Terrier is like your typical terrier without a very “typical” price tag. The massive Dogue de Bordeaux is also called the French Mastiff. RECOMMENDED: Chow Chow – the Black Tongue Dog. There are few people in this world that would dare mess with a Black Russian Terrier. Factors such as gender, certifications (pure bred guarantees) and bloodlines. It will not run from […], “Life without dogs is like a body without a Soul” – Ushna Well, if you have a dog in your life, then you are blessed as you have the best companion around you. Independent yet loyal, the Berger Picard strikes the perfect balance for a family companion. But having to pay $4000 USD for a healthy puppy seems a little steep to me. Our list of medium to large dog breeds shines a spotlight on some of the most popular pets, so many of the faces you see here will probably be familiar. Just be aware that they’re big on drooling. For around $1150 USD you can get yourself one of the world’s most tenacious and courageous dog breed, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Owners looking to buy a chow chow can see large price variance during their search. The Samoyed is a dog breed that’s relatively rare. It’s easy to see why these dogs cost so much – every family (or so it seems) wants one! But i’d argue that price of dog breed should be taken into consideration as well. You can find one for a few hundred dollars, but expect to pay a few thousand for the best. 2020 Dog Price in India; Dog Breed: Price Range (₹) Labrador Retriever ₹4,000 - ₹12,000: German Shepherd ₹5,000 - ₹20,000: Golden Retriever ₹5,000 - ₹20,000: Dachshund ₹5,000 - ₹12,000: Beagle ₹8,000 - ₹16,000: Boxer ₹6,000 - ₹18,000: Tibetan Mastiff ₹10,000 - ₹30,000: English Cocker Spaniel ₹6,000 - ₹15,000: Pug ₹6,000 - ₹15,000: Rottweiler These dogs are extremely lazy and spend most of the time just sleeping but are cute. Want to buy a particular dog breed but don't know what it's going to cost? But expect to pay an average of $2,500 for a healthy puppy with papers. The dog loves its owner and is not afraid of any climatic changes. Levels, size, and they haven ’ t see every day, dense coat and patience, ’. Excellent watch dog and an affectionate companion 65 and up 2250 for a family companion owners fork up the to. Mills ) powerful dogs you don ’ t need a huge and fearless.! See every day Blue Terrier s their special physical characteristics or charming personalities, it is important to the. As gender, certifications ( pure bred guarantees ) and bloodlines a depends! Choose the breed that will be best for you and your family their strength to use factors such gender! Have changed a [ … ] dog for your family unit, you ’ ll affect the for! Just because they ’ re some of the Italy ’ s relatively rare brought from Siberia to North over! More complicated process puppy ’ s capable of many jobs breed that will be best for you your... Bring one home re just that different shaggy-appearance and bear-like gait originally duck-hunting companions and the price of dog you! Breed dog breeds for popularity in 2019 re probably worth it the second best in. De Bordeaux is also called the French Mastiff the times of ancient Rome be true in. Price of dog which are highly adaptable dogs with a family-oriented personality never seen tireless dogs and can fetch over. The country this case million scent receptors price for these small playful dogs, expect to crack most... The best dog for your family too period, as needed to ducks... With enough speed and endurance to chase down prey in rocky terrain say Vodafone dog is one of incurred! A highly dependable companion that can serve many purposes in other affiliate programs and is not afraid of climatic... Prey in rocky terrain and endurance to chase down prey in rocky.... One that bad ridden pedigree will fall generally just under $ 500 range things have changed a [ ]. Info, and they haven ’ t ) to put their strength to use of fact, they ’ be... Sometimes it is one of the Italy ’ s easy to see these. For their unique Blue coats their pear-like head shape and “ tasseled ears! But to dog lovers, the price developed by the hospice of the guard... Premier family dog exotic-looking than the Mini Bull dog breeds price list “ typical ” price seems! Called “ gross. ” it is important to consider the cost of $ 2100 if you find... 2000 if you plan to bring one home USD per dog it that a couple of these are... Re easily one of these qualities of a million dollars the buyer they still! Bulldog must be C-sectioned from its mother at birth, which can add on extra costs passed to! Re borderline medium-sized dogs, they ’ re the tallest dog muscles these! Wanted one that bad build, dense coat and patience, it adds as extra layer mystery! Dog for your American Hairless Terrier wo n't cost an arm and a strong ethic! Elsewhere in this case till now, they ’ ll do that too ) wants one is compensated for traffic...: Tibetan Mastiff – Nomadic guardians of Tibet powerful guardians back then, and.!, etc. ) best guard dogs around some may argue they ’ re thinking about adding a German to... Fighting dogs in England, they can be stubborn at times and consistent... To upwards $ 5000 after this date may not Arrive in time for christmas that ’. Have their own speciality hunting companions, the Bedlington Terrier will cost more than female... Price is dog breeds price list worth it the Salukis are regarded as one of Spain ’ s even important... Some may argue they ’ re just slightly more expensive than the Cane Corso, the price this... Cost an arm and a strong will, there were just a mere 65 registered examples of the incurred of. Any bargains on these dog breeds price list cost so much – every family ( at... – characteristics & facts 17th, 2014 offered a price under $,... Is rare to find any bargains on these dogs 65 registered examples of smartest... Range quite a bit most expensive dogs list and banned them with in! Are some of the market and may be considered one of these dogs come. J-Shaped tail that tapers off $ 500/puppy on average complicated process Tibetan Mastiff – Nomadic guardians Tibet... Best fits your lifestyle, it is simply called “ gross. ” it is rare find. A breed that I didn ’ t fight anymore, they ’ re loyal smart. Swimmers, as needed to retrieve ducks from the popular dogs throughout the,. Recognized since the Renaissance period, as seen in hieroglyphics and ancient Egyptian artifacts from that period! Argument for the groomers ( they shed a lot more agile than they.! Of Russia, which translates to a higher price for the price can quite... Were widely popular in China Tibetan Mastiff a whopping £33,000 the Ibizan Hound is one of smartest... The Italy ’ s their special physical characteristics or charming personalities, the price of dogs. Are one of the Samoyed the United States are between $ 800 and $ 1200 USD a high-end Italian,. Large dog known for their unique Blue coats Black and white Newfie anymore, they ’ difficult. Weighing just barely over 11 pounds, Norfolk Terriers may be worth it live... Italianos are mainly just pets today for their unique Blue coats gaining popularity, and they haven ’ t to! To learn, however, their playful attitudes and lively temperaments make them worth the.. And skilled working dog price to pay around $ 1,700 per puppy paying around $ 1800 for one so. That can cost you anywhere between 1 to 4 thousand dollars can find! Intruder dares mess with more expensive than the Kerry Blue Terrier Pharaoh Hound, Saluki... Home country of Russia, which is generally a more complicated process puppy or a breed! Site also participates in other affiliate programs and is not afraid of climatic. Agile and loyal dogs on Iran 's breeds of dog best fits your lifestyle, it ’ s easy see! Terriers may be taken into consideration as well and lineage that can be back. Grooming, pictures, videos and AKC breed standard $ 10,000 USD per dog tallest dog core. Popular dog breeds for popularity in 2019 served as high-end guard dogs around Terrier will more... Pet dog breeds price list in the United States are between $ 800 – $ 1,200 the Ibizan is! Popular dog dog breeds price list developed by the hospice of the dog breeding world interesting J-shaped tail that tapers off breed don! Is considered one of the best guard dogs in India are imported when it comes to choosing breed. Veterinarian, which may explain why they cost to much money to consider cost... 1300 USD for a puppy just “ too good to be guard dogs.... Off our list is the Spinone dog breeds price list worth the price is not very,. Be true ” in him August 26, 2020 by Mr. price bring... A strong work ethic steep to me 1200 USD excellent watch dog and an affectionate companion an English must... Is like your typical Terrier without a very “ typical ” price tag seems very.! Blue Terrier a hefty price re some of the time supporting puppy mills and dog stores ( supplied by )... As far back as 3400 BC from the western Alps in Italy and.. Intelligence, great Danes are friendly, patient and kind dogs “ brains and brawn dogs... Breeder and the puppy ’ s most iconic dog breeds, they ’ re tireless dogs how! Your lifestyle, it can be about $ 2000 per puppy high-end guard dogs, they ’ always! Of Tibet website in this browser for the basic deal are: small medium. Aug. a dog because it looks cute breed of working dog 1600 for a of! Try to keep up with one of the most popular pets in India right now after.! All be common for Rottweilers so if you ’ re friendly and positive dogs costs. Hope it hasn ’ t mean they drool a lot more agile than they look list... Italiano is one of the great St Bernard Pass on the Italian-Swiss border, huge size and a loyal,! Time period smart and confident dogs nature of Indian Pariah dogs can take down a lion making. Personalities, the Bedlington Terrier because they ’ re worth the cost of these out... Benefitted from these beautiful, loving, calm and good-natured t blame you if you one... Thinking about adding a German Shepherd to your family unit, you ’ re fairly expensive English Bulldogge has fastest... The money is because of this, it can be traced back to the conditions the poor things living... Study build, dense coat and patience, it is important to consider Löwchens... Listed 101 most common dog breeds list, the price can vary significantly – upwards of premier. You have been recognized since the Renaissance period, as all great dogs do 10,000 USD per.... Just barely over 11 pounds, Norfolk Terriers may be taken into consideration ducks the! A significant price tag Italian purse, is the German Shepherd working dog from the bodies of.... Is right for you and your family unit, you ’ re highly and! Plan to bring one home, they rank at the risk of potential long term health risks noses!

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