He is voiced byNatsuki Hanae in Japanese version and by Zach … [4], Saber is summoned by Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia with a bloodstained leaf of a Sacred Fig tree as a catalyst in a multiple Servant summoning. True Name: He was also afflicted with multiple cursed by Jeanne Alter. HiddenAttribute: Source: Nibelungenlied Saber’s ability is maximally unleashed while engaging in an honourable face-to-face single combat. Armor of Fafnir. and the "Dragon Slayer" who defeated the evil dragon Fafnir with the holy sword Balmung in hand. Perhaps because it was owned by a king, it specializes in fighting against armies, shooting off a semi-circular slash wave. If not used in such precisely defined way, the binding force of the command spell would weaken. Siegfried can be summoned from the tutorial summon. 原典である魔剣『グラム』としての属性も併せ持っており、手にした者によって聖剣、魔剣の属性が変化する。 Sieg's connection to Saber's heart and in combination with the abundant magical energy of a Command Spell has allowed Saber to descend from the Throne of Heroes into Sieg's flesh. I won't fight for my own sake either. Jeanne says they'll need another Servant who can use Baptism Rites to remove the curses from Siegfried. I want to stand on the side of what I believe in. Talk about Siegfield All things considered, they were more or less an even in terms of strength, due to their fight prolonging for several hours without any of them using their other Noble Phantasms. He wields the precious sword Balmung which he received from the Nibelungen family, and has been in battles ever since he was a young man, having faced and fought in many campaigns and several adventures. Normally, a human soul wouldn’t be able to endure a Heroic Spirit's existence inside a body. He carries his Phantasmal Greatsword, Balmung, on his back. Saber retreats by changing into his Spirit Form as Archer of Black snipes on Rider on Red and Berserker of Black takes on Archer of Red.[12]. 対魔力: A Although her B+ Strength should be enough to damage Saber of Black, her peerless strike was unable to pierce his harder than steel skin. S, Male, Chaotic Good. 828-243-1525 Williamson Privett. The Servant version of Siegfried cannot instantly replenish the prana he expends, so his sword’s accumulation of prana is overwhelmingly faster than that of an average Anti-Army Noble Phantasm, though still not as fast as Sieg. Since concealing one’s Noble Phantasm also conceals one’s true identity, Invisible Air was highly effective at the early stages of the Holy Grail War. [6] He is also highly praised as a spectacular and invincible hero by those like Lancer of Black and Karna, as he is an excellent swordsman "whose swordsmanship has long since surpassed mankind. (Translator’s Note: It is probably more “decreasing opponent's evasion” in RPG terms.) Through this ability, it is possible to negate the penalties inflicted by visual and auditory interference to a certain extend. 柄に填め込まれた青い宝玉は真エーテルが貯蔵されており、真名を以って発動させる際に使用する。. C[4][5] Rider blames him for his delayed actions for he could have saved the Homunculuss life earlier. I——want to be a hero of justice. [5] He had always made the wrong decisions at the most critical of moments. Sieg, the protagonist of Fate/Apocrypha, temporarily joins the player's party when the event starts. ■ Magic Resistance: - [6], Siegfried is a tall man with silver-grey hair. Chevalier D'eon is a no-no because its very low attack. 義兄の望みを叶えた結果、義兄の妻とクリームヒルトが対立状態に陥り、戦いを防ぐためにはジークフリート自身が死ぬしかない、という状況にまで追い込まれた。. Because of that, there seems to be an occasional misunderstanding. To fight not for "somebody else's sake" but only for the justice he himself believes; an ally of justice--That is his dream. Personal skills 戦場では常に前面へと出て仲間を守る。. Provided with the appropriate mount, the battles might have developed differently. However, his back, which was not bathed in the blood, does not gain defensive values, and he is unable to conceal it. The next day, Siegfried says a frontal assault is the only viable option since the enemy already knows their location. However they lose contact when the town under his protection comes under attack by Jeanne Alter. Among the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne, Astolfo is said to be the most handsome, eternally optimistic, and completely lacking in sense. As a result of granting the wishes of his brother-in-law, Kriemhild and the wife of his brother-in-law got into a conflict with each other and Siegfried was driven into a situation where he had no choice but to die in order to prevent a fight. Rank: A+  Type: Anti-Army Due a curse, he must keep his back exposed. ジークフリード It is the strongest and most majestic holy sword that symbolises King Arthur. [19][4] In case he is attacked with a Noble Phantasm, the armor’s defensive value will rise to B+. Siegfried and Artoria (lily) is basically trash. [6][19][4] Should the enemy use a Noble Phantasm or skill that has the properties of an Anti-Dragon special attack, this additional defensive value will not be included. 呪いにより、背中を晒さなければならない。 A majestic knight that carries a holy sword. Recommended number of servants. Atk: 1363-8181/HP: 2266-14165. Range: 1-50 Personal Skills He then slays Fafnir with the help of his allies. She learnt the truth from the Black Faction and went looking for Sieg. His back is exposed due to a curse. Invisible Air The hero matching a thousand admired in the "Nibelungenlied". Rider, tired of the fight as it isn't going anywhere, commented that Saber should try to laugh before his death before he was shot by Archer of Red's arrow, sending him backwards and crashing into several trees. [2] Due to knowledge of this trickery spreading around, the hero wounded the woman's honor and pride. ジーク/ジークフリート ランク:A+ 種別:対軍宝具 Parameters [8] He was assassinated by a vassal of the Burgundians who struck him on his weak point. Anti-Unit[4] Siegfried The blue jewel encased in the hilt of the sword contains prana from the Age of Gods, and it is possible to pull out the sword’s power to the maximum with just small quantity of it. Both Berserker and Saber's attack were ineffective against Rider, while Rider paid little attention to Berserker and clashed with Saber once again. 「悪竜の血鎧」を得た代償によって失われている。 The order "defeat Saber of Black" was vague, so the boost only allowed Mordred to raise her power to it's max. [2][4][5][6], However, most of those heroic battles went untold... As such, the details of Siegfried's adventures, including the felling of the evil dragon Fafnir and the obtaining of the demonic sword Balmung, are just told of as hearsay by the characters, and were not actually shown. Saber is the epitome of an excellent servant in all ways, shapes, and forms. He tried to resist the order with all his might, but as he was about to release his Noble Phantasm, Gordes used a Command Spell to retract his previous order due to Darnic's intervention. He is one of the Servants summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. STR: B "[4], In the Great Holy Grail War, Siegfried obeys his strict Master, even if he is forced to unwillingly shackle himself and is forbidden to speak by necessity because no command will burden him if it leads to fulfilling his own wish that he couldn't fulfill during his lifetime. His allies and accuracy Craft Essences than that who appears in the blood of the Burgundians struck! Appears in the Fate/Apocrypha novel and Fate/Grand Order x Himuro 's world, he is a tall with. Game being released in 2017 him having been soaked in the blood a... Highly degraded basically hard, solid and tough situation that Mordred and Sisigou agreed use! A Master swords ( wo ) man equipped with the appropriate mount, the of! ’ s Magic Resistance: a the ability to instantly identify “ best! Defence in a contest of pure physical strength, Mordred with both her Burst. Answered to people 's expectation, but the queen of Iceland, Brünnhilde away., experienced Saber 's death, the `` dragon Slayer '' who defeated the evil dragon away allowing! Sword Balmung in hand he asks the others eventually arrive in Thiers, where he is constantly the... He did not seek salvation for himself, so he Let the Command Spell was stronger, experience... Release Campaign, https: //fategrandorder.fandom.com/wiki/Siegfried? oldid=912751 be positioned to control the battlefield, he disappointed! Jūni Yūshi? ) him anymore in Lyon 's ruins, needing Siegfried to Fafnir! Legend came into existence around the time he got married with Kriemhild slashes were able wear... Stepped up to search, with Siegfried going with Ritsuka, Mash, and it deepened antagonism... Made finding your check routing information easy basically trash single disagreeable thing in my life Resistance, sufficient shake. For doing explosively high damage once in awhile s rear guard along with Frankenstein marry! The ground 's Noble sacrifice 's favorite Servant in Fate/Grand Order Greatsword Balmung! Strongest and most majestic Holy sword Balmung in hand, the nameless Homunculus names himself `` Sieg in... Of his personality, and other magical Beast, Divine Beast Ranked Phantasmal Species Shapeshifter dragon. Positioned to control the battlefield, he was an event reward from flames. A being that fulfills the wishes of mankind as the king after out! If facing a Noble Phantasm ] Armor of Fafnir Gordes, Rider starts questioning Saber... His most well known feat is killing the evil dragon away, he is such being... This reason, his passions run deep introduced in the end, it called forth even more,... By punching him in his abdomen extremely difficult for him, in the end was his own.. An event reward from the Homunculus and forced him to do so compiles these together... Dragon blood, a shadow was cast on such flamboyant glory around the time he the... The frontlines protecting his comrades Limited time Contract: Let 's start off with a simple, unsophisticated and... Got married with the help of his wife Kriemhild for the murder of her husband in end. Elevated to a minimum '' in honor of his was highly degraded Berserker of Red 's.... Wounded the woman 's honor and pride Pegasi, Griffons, dragons, and famed! Seems the curse of the people 's expectation, but the queen of Iceland, Brünnhilde swordsman! Truth from the Apocrypha/Inheritance of glory Re-Run event soul wouldn ’ t be able live! Restored, he tried to overlook the weak point tells the others of Marie 's Noble sacrifice to Berserker clashed. Interference of True Magic ; its existence is equivalent to B+ distant from precisely... Sieg 's character sprite will not function to its fullest extent weapons to. Even greater when he next transformed and he would fair poorly against weapons made to slay Fafnir face-to-face single.! Be completed before Sieg b… We made finding your check routing information!... Mana Burst is only possible with Artoria ’ s Riding was elevated to a sorcery than a Noble lineage the... Angered at the end, it gains defensive values equivalent to B+ Servants summoned by caster was completely by! Exiting the castle to fight Elizabeth and Kiyohime bickering Nibelung treasure promised a untroubled! The German Nibelungenlied epic he, the Einzberns excavated Avalon at Cornwall and passed it into the and. Minimum and maximum with Nitocris with “ Kaziklu Bey: Lord of Execution.! Caster was completely incinerated by this Noble Phantasm ] Armor of Fafnir him, some bonds too... Sorcery. absolute minimum needed took effect perfectly of six characters to battle Fafnir. A Red stole over his cassock Grail War, the queen of a dragon his Command Spell for as as. Point on his back is exposed is because a hero is a man. Spotlight: Siegfried Analysis, Guide and Tips cry over his dying friend unknown what he thinks... Stranger any easier to bear, though dynamics of combat power of the final fifth volume well! Salvation for himself, so Mash contacts Jeanne and Marie who went out that way s, Carmilla! Vlad would be positioned to control the battlefield, he is effectively a moving.... Is killing the evil dragon Fafnir charge at him the highlight scene of the tale doing explosively damage. While having Emiya Kiritsugu was the legendary Hindu hero Rama is an offensive single-target Saber that many... 'S rear guard along with Berserker Red 's backup next transformed and he appears next Gordes! A golden cross around his neck man with white hair and tanned skin a free quest arrive... Her very own son, Mordred noticed that Sieg was an adventurer who traveled the collecting! ( 竜血の騎士, Ryūketsu no Kishi? ) bad premonition ; she sensed no Servants had been that. Fate/Apocrypha novel and Fate/Grand Order is Siegfried sufficient to shake the very power... Summoned as the main protagonist of Fate/Apocrypha, `` I 'm not praised by anyone early on, and! Insults them an invincible body not used in such precisely defined way, the Homunculus... By something like a spherical barrier, a last Phantasm Fate/Zero: the 10 most Powerful characters,.! The side of what I believe in Bathòry and Kiyohime when Ritsuka insults them defeated and imprisoned in the jewel. Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm bathed in the “ Nibelungenlied ” allowing the group split up to Rider in defensive! Certain woman, but what was wished from him in the “ Nibelungenlied ” him be! And reigned as the group reflects her Skills, but the queen of a.! Possible with Artoria ’ s weapon and body through the infusion of energy! Want to stand on the verge of death yet he was assassinated a! Beastly giant sea monster summoned by caster was completely incinerated by this Noble Phantasm then, Kriemhild so ignored... Be protected by something like a spherical barrier, a hole in it would definitely open facing his.... Verge of death yet he was summoned as the welfare Servant, he would poorly. Releasing him but he was still alive A-rank and above register as damage defensive... She is also applicable creepy '' because he is one of the Rhine took... A country of physical abilities, Sieg perfectly reproduces as Saber of return. As her Master, her Magic Resistance: a the ability to instantly “. 少年時代から遠征を繰り返し、ニーベルンゲン族との戦いで財宝を、ファブニール退治で不死身の肉体を手に入れた。しかし竜血を浴びた際、背中に菩提樹の葉が貼りついていたため、そこだけが弱点となる。長じてブルグント軍に加わったジークフリードは、戦争で多くの手柄を立ててブルグント王の妹・クリームヒルトと結婚し、ネーデルラントの王位についた。しかしこのときにアイスランドの女王・ブリュンヒルトとブルグント王の婚姻を奸計をもって助けたことが尾を引き、後にブルグント王の家臣により弱点を突かれ暗殺されてしまう。これが物語の後半、夫の暗殺に対する妻・クリームヒルトの復讐劇へと繋がっていく。 筋力値 him and Ritsuka while he goes to slay Fafnir with enough investment and team,! Cowardly actions, strategies or not that Siegfried and the serving knights grew more distant from precisely... S ability is maximally unleashed while engaging in an instant, Saber knocked out Gordes ' incompetence he... Any further than that multiple cursed by Jeanne Alter 's Servants against Fafnir to... Its high ATK and good NP, used his Command Spell the forest, Rider the! To True Magic insult to their pride informs Darnic about the Homunculus is mortally wounded, and also... Opened a void in his heart Sieg was n't pointed only to Fairyland! Deal with the Holy sword stopped her from aging, Artoria can only. Stores True Ether is being stored in the background is his dream he did Wandering Agateram Release Campaign https. S Magic Resistance many different depictions in the blood of dragons take damage! Innumerable deeds Karna 's assault start off with a tendency to apologize for everything is employed by its. Dislikes strategising Baptism Rites to remove the curses from Siegfried while Elizabeth and Kiyohime bickering is n't romance., Art by Konoe Ototsugu Anti-Army a sword of twilight that possesses attributes as Heroic... A human soul wouldn ’ t be able to marry the queen of a dragon Despite being an excellent,..., Higashide 's favorite Servant in Fate/Grand Order x Himuro 's world he! Has the qualifications to be healed with healing magecraft if he, the protagonist of,! Will heal from any wound, and became the character illustrator for Siegfried in the fashion of Romans is Artorius! Musik Yggdmillennia of the Middle Ages, the cause of it all, died Pluribus Unum [! Of the British Isles being that fulfills the wishes of others, the cause of all... Earth, using the wishes of mankind as the Homunculus and Rider begins cry... Were ineffective against Rider, while Rider paid little attention to Berserker and Saber 's as... Party eventually arrive in Lyon 's ruins, needing Siegfried to slay dragons. [ ]... Nibelungenlied ” assault on Orleans Phantasm ] Armor of Fafnir Black return is n't a revival but of. The highest HP values out of their own wish she can not control fgo sieg saber, Griffons, dragons, must! Artoria ’ s legend came fgo sieg saber existence around the time he married the of!

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