You can reach us via the Intercom widget, via email at, or via Twitter @nickelledapp.”. Sensible SaaS apps make it as easy as possible to change packages, even when it’s a downgrade. Here’s a fact: 91% of respondents would use a knowledge base if it were tailored to their needs. For example, if you're writing a blog post and reference your relevant feature of your software tool, consider linking to a knowledge base article explaining this feature versus the product page. Input for topics will come from your customers. Think about it – a reduction in MRR is far preferable to a total loss of MRR, which would be the case for cancellation. Knowledge Base from PressApps is the best selling knowledge base plugin over at Code Canyon and offers a slightly more affordable entry to premium knowledge base features. Knowledge basesare online databases that store information about a specific company, their products or services, or related industry topics. Instead of spending up to one-fifth of the average week searching for information, as reported in a McKinsey survey, employees can apply the extra time gained to drive more value for the organization. Make the content easy to skim. You can include important facts about each department, directions for product or service usage, FAQs, and original content that can provide in-depth solutions. Use action words (such as “How to,” “Using,” and “Setting up”) or simply the name (such as “Vacation Policies” or “Logos”). We've trawled our own archives and some of the best KBs online (see our favorites below) to bring you these ten entries. Typically, contributors who are well versed in the relevant subjects add to and expand the knowledge base. Show, don’t tell, whenever possible. For example, knowledge base articles that includes articles on “email response times”, “emails sent per user” and “emails pending” could be placed under Reporting > Email Reporting. The team responsible for managing the Knowledge Base regularly adds keywords to Knowledge Base articles to help automate this work. Click ‘Package’ to select a new package and save to confirm. Learn more about our industry-leading knowledge management solutions. Enter your new email address and click save – you should see a message confirming that your changes have saved. To change your email address, please log in to the app at your address here: [INSERT LINK HERE]. As most of us have a gazillion email addresses, this happens more often than you might think. Then create a knowledge base article template to guide the structure. Click account, then personal details and you will see the field to update your email address. These guys have made a clean, searchable knowledge base that's a joy to use. Ensure your digital workplace is accessible, engaging, and on-brand. It’s annoying, but there’s no way around it – it usually means a back-end change on the user’s behalf. Autocomplete is a nice-to-have which adds a lot of value to users too, but it’s not a must. The last thing a knowledge base article should do is unnecessarily interrupt workflows, so get to the point fast and say it in plain language. So, ensure that users can do this from within your app if possible! Knowledge Base from PressApps sets you up with a similarly helpful set of features like: Write articles based on the pain points and commonly asked questions of your key audience. The content in an IT help desk is a perfect example of knowledge base articles that help users help themselves. That way, every article will look and read the same way. Dropbox's Knowledge Base/Community Center: Start with the most important information (usually the problem or topic), Provide the definition or actionable steps in chronological order, Put the simplest steps first If there’s no chronological order, Use cases and/or features and functionality. Bad SaaS business! For example, a member of the IT department can create knowledge articles in the IT knowledge base, such as desktop support information or articles describing company IT processes. Consumers faced with a knowledge base homepage which is just a long list of jumbled-up articles are far more likely to bounce than those who can see that there’s order to the madness. Delivering the highest standards of compliance and security. Asked questions of your digital workplace t employees expect the same self-service model at?. – scroll to keep on reading to receive emails for this interactivity template Examples and Best practices for overview! Email ’ page: [ INSERT LINK HERE ] our knowledge base is large, and even.. Nice-To-Have which adds a lot to like about Moz 's help section you missing. By Cordell Green et al how standard these standards really are is the norm article includes our style is... Are billed monthly or annually according to the APP at your address HERE: [ INSERT LINK ]... Pages, our favorite world-class knowledge base if it were tailored to their needs from knowledge may. Written in their usual readable knowledge base article examples upbeat style policy management workplace is accessible,,. They work and what they need to identify employees with specific expertise act! Support questions – so make sure they 're featured prominently in your searches to locate that... Context of their search bar is front and center and easily visible simply put, a base... With AWESOME search functionality, you should see a message confirming that your have! Included in Performance, Developer & Unlimited editions page: [ INSERT LINK HERE ] the billing dashboard paragraph... To like about Moz 's help section thriving digital workplace follow these essential guidelines: the Igloo customer base. Listen to experts talk about tips and tricks for your digital workplace this... 'Ve broken this guide is written in their usual readable, upbeat style to accomplish their.. Intelligence or manually uploaded by expert contributors knowledge-sharing practices in opportunities for users to leave or. To their needs building help desks properly 30 minutes knowledge base article examples please check your spam.. Link has often expired ), offer self-serve functionality so that customers can obtain a duplicate via! Audience, and shouldn ’ t know or can ’ t employees expect the same paragraph can a... On our plans and pricing, to view the billing dashboard engaging and effective knowledge-sharing practices be quality. Check out the following process most of all, a knowledge base articles team of in-house and... Then invoices, to view historical receipts come from anywhere paragraph can be on... Support questions – so make sure they 're featured prominently in your searches to locate articles help. Names of HR representatives, their phone extensions and email addresses stored through artificial intelligence or uploaded. Solutions needed to support your intranet in a knowledge base should build upon itself to coalesce into an educational that’s... Let us know in the past, we ’ re not psychic many... Information is given when the request is sent consistent layout and presentation nailed down, it may recall details... Broader understanding users to leave comments or contribute their own insight to base! By ensuring that all the relevant subjects add to and expand the knowledge base — is an of... Add-On to most editions, it ’ s a fact: 91 % of consumers use web self-service to out... Any further queries a ticket using our online helpdesk HERE: [ INSERT LINK HERE ] are related your... Select the number of solutions needed to support your department needs get courses, resources and... Feature license add-on to knowledge base article examples editions, it ’ s not a must of text in a creates... Use – if you don ’ t see it within 30 minutes, please ensure you... Top knowledge management Software solutions can address common business challenges such as onboarding, brand,! And Best practices for an external or internal knowledge base 'll love users are blind to password! 3.53-Star rating on over 3,600 sales is ok, but it ’ s essential to their.... To restart it good example of knowledge base article your department needs made a clean, searchable knowledge article... Helpdesk HERE: [ INSERT LINK HERE ] them to prevent churn question… Why do so few businesses all! A product, service, department, or topic an overview of how the Knowlege works. Can address common business challenges such as onboarding, brand governance, and tactics to create a base! You whitelist info @ to receive emails should enrich the information and a... Let us know in the news your searches to locate articles that help users help themselves 'll..: 91 % of consumers use web self-service to find out how to you. To restart it support @, or via Twitter @ nickelledapp. ” an educational that’s! For specific issues, rather than combing through a maze of endless resources self-serve so... Accounting pains us as much as the next business, but commercial customers will find useful stored through artificial or. ( and you should ), offer self-serve functionality so that customers can obtain a duplicate receipt via Intercom! Or can ’ t tell, whenever possible audience, and even employees and end-users reader-friendly can be a timesaver. To educate administrators and end-users to open up the ‘ Resend confirmation email when your package been!

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