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About The Festival


We create an unique place for inspiring meetings and where the interests of the filmmakers have priority. With the Arc Film Festival we establish a cultural event in the Rhine-Main area with focusing on the artist and his work. Join the platform for filmmakers and film lovers to meet and have exciting discussions and inspiring interactions. We accommodate aspiring filmmakers and invite them to a framework that includes the daily Breakfast with Filmmakers, workshops with industry frontrunners, like ZDF Digital, several Scene-Talks about pressing issues, the Directors Coffee and networking events like Long Nights at the Jipsy Camp and the Gourmet--City-Tour through the city. Every year we present a new partner country (Norway, UK, Iran, Argentina) and dedicate each evening to another theme. We bring together a high-value audience, entertainment industry players, government departments, business leaders and the media to provoke change. Everyone is welcome who shares a passion for film and believes in the power of cinema.



Although Mainz is an attractive media location in Germany not only because of the ZDF and the University of Applied Science for Timebased Media but also many film-makers live in this city, Rhineland-Palatinate is the only state in Germany with no federal film funding by now. So it´s even more important to offer a platform for movies and an opportunity to connect.