We want to make sure that everyone enjoys our venue, therefore we make sure to create a framework where everyone get can the most out of. All persons involved are to be brought together to discover innovative approaches with the new media and get them thinking about original concepts. The program includes the Breakfast with Filmmakers, the Directors' Coffee and several so called Scene-Talks. The independent scene will be connected with established personalities. During the Arc Film Festival we create space for inspiration and conversation.

In 2017 we presented a selection of 17 movies, which were produced independently. 2018 we already accommodated filmmakers from 17 countries (24 countries in total selection). For having all filmmakers here we support the crews in getting the visa and accommodate for the entire period of the festival, arrange airport pick ups, additional workshops (cooperating with institutions like the zdf and regional venues), a gourmet city tour through Mainz, the gypsy camp, dinner nights and so on. We offer their wonderful films and video art works a stage with an interested audience and also make them the basis for inspiring discussions.