Our Team

We Are One Team!


A truly special one at that! One motley crew, we come together from various places and generations in this melting pot that is the Arc filmfestival. Our companionship is built upon our mutual appreciation for films. We make them, we watch them, we love them!



A festival such as the Arc cannot be carried by just one pair of shoulders, just as one lonesome voice would be drowned out by the mighty howls of the top dogs. Admittedly, we don´t always hit the same note at first, but a choir is not meant to sing strictly in unison. The tension of intervalls, the combination of registers, this is what makes for exciting harmonies. We, that is filmmakers and economists, designers and illustrators. We write and we talk, are heads and hands. We know people and we make ourselves known to people. If there is one thing that falls short occasionally, it is the voice of reason that just cannot keep up with our staggering enthusiasm. So, until the day: Brace yourselves, all-nighters incoming!