Film Talks

As the international film festivals in Mainz, the Arc Film Festival can be really fun, but don’t underestimate there is serious business taking place. The best way to cap off a day at the Arc Film Festival? Chatting about the day’s films over drinks with Festival staff, industry guests, and fellow Festival-goers, of course!

We try everything in our power to support the filmmakers who are visiting us. It's in our personal interest that our guests can get the most out of their festival experience. Maybe you are new into filmmaking or you just like to expand your horizon. Nevertheless this is the place where you can learn about "what's behind the film". Also visit our Scene Talks and get involved in exiting discussions.

Characters and personalities in Approval Needed [eng]

Karen Anstee (director of Approval Needed)

Creative during a pandemic [eng]

Sergio Falchi (writer & director of Flamingos)

Handling the personal story in a film [german]

Lars Smekal (director of the short Theobald Topferson)

Life in pictures

Antonio Morales (director of feature length film Marisa in the Woods)

Diversity in film formats, an insight [german]

Christian Zipfel (director of documentary Commeration of German South West)

Role models in fashion film [german]

Marie-Therese Hildenbrand (director of Abjective)

Coincidence as the core of inspiration [eng]

Cloe Saint-Denis (director of the experimental short Life Compass)

Fiction and reality meet: actor vs. role [german]

Lisa Miller (writer and director of the feature film Landrauschen)

Finding the story in the truest form [eng]

Director of the documental animation Being Ernest

The independent warrior: one film, one man [ger]

Jürgen Heimüller (writer, director, producer and actor: Blumentopf)

Improvisation with actors

Caroline Schwarz (director of Employe of the Month)

Adults are the difficulty when working with children [german]

Bahar Ibrahim (writer & director of Children are Angels)

An exceptional experimental narration [eng]

Caroline Schwarz (director of Doors of Perception)

The diversity of characters on set [eng]

Thomas Gunnari Røtting (writer, director) & Kjtil Onarhim Kveen (camera)

Photographs of the best-known picture [eng]

Daniel McKee (director/editor of Mona Lisa Selfie)

Following an actor through the action [ger]

Kimia Eyzad Panda (writer and director of Fighter)