Selection 2018

OPENING FILM: Landrauschen

Germany, Director: Lisa Miller

After spending the last few years in Berlin, Toni returns to her home town in Deutschland. While the village has to adapt to the changes of the future, two old friends progress in an explosive relationship.

Runtime: 101 Minutes

Note  The Video Installations and 360 degree films are presented at the Festival Center during all festival days. After each screening at the Cine Mayence there are cars organised by us to bring you back to the hub.

Wednesday, 25. April

19:00  OPENING CEREMONY moderated by Patrick Dewayne und Niklas Heuer-Jungemann
19:30  OPENING FILM: Landrauschen von Lisa Miller 
21:00  SCENE TALK: Gender Roles in Film, Germany & UK  with Phillip Aubel, Marie-Therese Hildenbrandt, Lisa Miller, Kathi Wolf, Hannes Kemptert
22:00  Introduction of our Partnerfestival: The LGBT+ Film Festival Iris Prize, Cardiff
            Followers, Spoilers, Burger

Thursday, 26. April

14:00 BRANCHENTREFF RLP: Where can independent creative artists get money for films?
With the film and media forum (Nadine Gehm), the FFA Filmförderungsanstalt (Jessica Deyssenroth), Board of Trustees for Young German Films (Sandra C. Maschke) and the Foundation for Culture Rhineland-Palatinate (Dr. Katharina Popanda)
16:00 FREEDOM AND REBELLION (@ Cine Mayence) 
                      When Angels Smile At The Tale Of A Rebel Child, Sparta, In The Land Of The Blind
18:00 LOVE COMES AND GOES (@ Neue Golden Ross Kaserne)
            La Vita Rosa, Salon De Flacons, Closed Circuit, Paint
20:00 SCENE TALK: New ways of storytelling - 360° Emerging the production horizon. With Harald Capote and Markus Bierack
21:00 DREAM AND ESCAPE (@ Neue Golden Ross Kaserne)
            Breaker, Save, Wild Horses, Theobald Topferson, Squirrel, Life Compass, Honeymoon

Freitag, 27. April

16:00 FEATURE 2: SPANISH (@ Cine Mayence)
          Marisa in the woods
19:00 INTO ANOTHER WORLD (@ Neue Golden Ross Kaserne)
          Son of Kali, Flamingos, The Junction, ACGT, Comments

20:00 SCENE TALK: Power and media. With

21:00 REALISATION AND TRANSFORMATION (@ Neue Golden Ross Kaserne)
          Rooms, Cafe Nadine, Hiraeth, Lovebirds, Sweet things, Weird, Commemoration of German South West Africa, Where have the flowers gone?, 280KM, Two dollars, Nicole\'s cage

Saturday, 28. April

16:00 FEATURE 3: RUSSIAN (@ Cine Mayence)
          Short waves
19:00 THE ACT OF ART (@ Neue Golden Ross Kaserne)
          Deadline (The Magician), Abandon, OOGHT - These 3 Things, (ROUGH CUT), Weavers of imagination, Mona Lisa selfie, Avallt - Iceland, The Circle

20:00 SCENE TALK: A Cinematic Outlook

21:00 ALTERNATIVE REALITIES (@ Neue Golden Ross Kaserne)
          Employee of the month, Einstein-Rosen, Journey, Being Ernest, Wave, Abjective,

360° Film

The 360° Films are presented in Oculus Rifts at the Festival Center all the time.
A Little negro boy\'s prayer, The 37th week, Saving tomas, Coyote


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