Being Ernest

Directed by Victoria Fistes

Victoria joined our venue in 2018. Read her interview with Alica here. Her work impressed the jury: "by using only a few resources and creates a cinematic experience that touches the audience emotionally." Film is an art, which is supposed to place the eye in the center of the universe. But it wouldn´t be art if it didn´t try to expand its sensory universe.

Official Selection of the Arc Film Festival 2018 | Category of the Film: Alternative Realities

4 thoughts on “Being Ernest

  1. I have a blind sister. What was first? The idea to tell the story of a blind person or the contact to the boy? I am curious about the process behind this film

    1. Hi Megges,

      Thank you for your interesting question.

      I’ve always been fascinated by blind people and curious to know how they experience things differently.

      The first idea was to interview a blind person who would be willing to share their life experiences with me and particularly their thoughts on intangible concepts such as dreams and colours. I was particularly intrigued by a child’s perspective on this as children are quite imaginative and creative. Luckily, my filmmaking teacher knew a blind child and put us in touch.

      Although I didn’t quite know what the final form of the film would look like, I knew I wanted to encourage the audience to focus on the person’s voice and less on the visual so I decided to experiment with motion graphics and animation for the visuals.

      I would be interested to hear your own sister’s experiences with such concepts!

  2. Thank you for your kind feedback!
    I’m currently working on a documentary about a Japanese chef who, through art and compassion, is revolutionising ethical fishing in Europe.
    It will be my pleasure to share this with you once it’s completed.

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