Einstein Rosen

Directed by Olga Osorio
Olga Osorio has presented two films at the Arc Film Festival. Einstein Rosen has been awarded with the Audience Choice Award.  Here you can see an interview that Arte held with her in 2018.


Official Selection of the Arc Film Festival 2018  |  Program block: Alternative Realities

2 thoughts on “Einstein Rosen

  1. Lovely! Charming! Love actors and the music! I think this is realistic too! I’ll meet my worm whole in 21. In the interview I understand that the director worked with her actual sons. If Olga Osorio can respons, I’d love to know how her sons have influenced her in deciding which actors to cast for the adult parts. Congratulations. In 2018 I wasn’t able to see the film and I believed this was the one to win the audience choice award.

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