Directed by Sergio Falchi

Here is Sergio in the Film Talk with Marius.

The filmmaker from Sardinia saw a connection in between the current situation and a theme that had played a role on his island many years ago. This film is a grand metaphor that shows how the perspective on how we see things can change the outcome for the good.

Official Selection of the Arc Film Festival 2018 | Program block: Into another world

4 thoughts on “Flamingos

  1. Is this meant to be the teaser for a feature lentgh film? The fisherman being a solitary man, that offers shelter to a boy has potencial tie in a feature. What is the filmmaker currently working on?

    1. Hi Georgie. No it’s not meant as a teaser but a short film in its own. I wrote it as a short but then, after one year I thought about the possibility to write a feature, finally decided to not develop it, mainly for financing issues but also because I have the urgency to tell something different. However I’d be open to develop it if circumstances will change…as it’s certainly something to explore more.

      Flamingos is my first short, shoot with almost zero budget, I am currently working on other projects, one of them is “The bridge beside the fields” a coming of age story.
      More info in my website,I’d be more than be happy to hear from you then!

  2. I enjoyed and apprechiate the screenplay. I have been in Sardina a few years ago and was absolutely thinking about this. The world will constintaly be changing and some people already complained when the wheel was invented.

    1. Hi Sanosdole! Thanks for your kind words. Yes the world is changing, have been changing and will change, now is perhaps more evident than ever before.
      I am working on new projects, in a way or another linked with human perception of time and change both in personal and collective view of life, and time.

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