The old man and the dead

Directed by Amir Falaki

Iran has been the partner country of the third edition. Together with Amir we have invited 10 Filmmakers from Teheran, for 6 of them we received a Visa. The director has also been involved in a Szene Talk about Iranian films.

Official Selection of the Arc Film Festival 2019 | Program block: The Paradox of Freedom

2 thoughts on “The old man and the dead

  1. I missed tha festival day. Thank you for the chance to catch up. I liked Iranian films. Would like to know what sort of films and masters the director got inspired by. American ones or Iranians?

  2. This film was very outstanding and it showed the variety in Iranian film among the selection. Was the filmmaker the young man with the longer hair? I was curious to know about what had actually happened. This film is a metaphor and I love seeing it once more.

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