Ireland, Director: Benjamin Cleary & Tj O'Grady Peyton
Runtime: 14 Minutes

A man awakes from his coma and suddenly speaks in an unknown fully developed language, which astonishes the whole world. Sadly, no one is able to understand him so he searches for a way to escape from loneliness.


Italy, Director: Sergio Falchi
Runtime: 10 Minutes

An old sherman comes home after an exhausting day and runs into a young immigrant who is looking for a place to stay after his journey over the sea.

Those who can die

France, Director: Charlotte Cayeux
Runtime: 19 Minutes

Zoé, 15 years old, enters a strict boarding school. One day Zoé meets Marie and understands what they are destined for.


Spain, Director: Olga Osorio
Runtime: 9 Minutes

In summer 1982 the young boy Theo finds a wormhole and wants to show his discovery to his brother Óskar. He doesn ́t believe him until they return to this place years later.

Approval needed

UK, Director: Karen Anstee
Runtime: 11 Minutes

After a terrible day, Amita, a lonely traffic-warden, heads to the supermarket for some comfort food. When the self checkout refuses her purchase, it\'s the last straw. But then she finds the one who will love her, even despite her job.

Being Ernest

UK, Director: Victoria Fistes
Runtime: 5 Minutes

Ernest, a young boy who went blind at 6 months, tells us how he sees the world.

After Dawn

Belgium / Poland, Director: Nicolas Graux
Runtime: 24 Minutes

Pawel is absolutely positive that separation has completely dampened his feelings for the young man he was in love with. But when he finds an unexpected visitor at home one rainy afternoon, he contemplates.

After the conversation, they say goodbye with an embrace

Brazil, Director: Renan Brandão
Runtime: 20 Minutes

As Elisa says goodbye to Heliomar, she meets young Michel, who helps her see work in a different way, and make the world a better place.

Café Nadine

Austria, Director: Bruno Kratochvil
Runtime: 13 Minutes

Ruth doesn‘t like talking about her age but loves telling stories about her life in the fashion industry. Now she is in a Viennese bar looking for a man for the night and somebody ́s closeness and support.

Medium Rare

Italy, Director: Luca Cioci
Runtime: 10 Minutes

Medium Rare analyzes human interactions with objects. Functional and aesthetic values in recurrent, yet questionable domestic scenarios.


Iran, Director: Ayat Asadi Rahbar
Runtime: 30 Minutes

The story of Afghani Raheel, who has illegally traveled to Iran in search of her husband. As things unfold, she is left with hopelessness and despair.

The Last Five Minutes Of The World

Germany, Director: Jürgen Heimüller
Runtime: 9 Minutes

Five friends share their last five minutes before the world ends. These are the last moments to make confessions, to share a beer, and to be friends.



Germany, Director: Kimia Eyzad Panah
Runtime: 12:54 Minutes

How do you fight in a war without weapons? Fighter tells about a young man who fights his fear to save the people.

Ten Minutes Tops

France, Director: Antoine de Bujadoux
Runtime: 6 Minutes

Sometimes things are not as we think they are. Sometimes there is more magic to them. Sometimes the spark of a moment can yield a factful truth. About a man and a woman, who dedicate ten minutes to one another.

Mona Lisa Selfie

UK, Director: Daniel McKee
Runtime: 2 Minutes

More than 6 million people visit the Louvre every year to see the Mona Lisa. Lots of them record it for social media. Therefore, many pictures of this painting exist.

When angels smile or the tale of a rebel bald

Marocco, Director: Hicham Elladdaqi
Runtime: 20 Minutes

A young man dreams of being able to y one day. When the adoptive mother of Ayoub died, the owner of the house returns him to an orphanage where he becomes a great rebel.

The Old Man And The Dead

Iran, Director: Amirreza Falaki
Runtime: 17 Minutes

A driver finds a dead body and asks an old man to retain it until dawn. Hours later the old man realizes: the body is alive.


Belgium, Director: Noemie Nicolas
Runtime: 10 Minutes

A mother and her both kids travel through a devastated area and dream about getting to the ocean. While both of her children keep up hope the mother becomes more and more desperate.